A New and Unique Alternative

Specializing in high-end homes and large industrial applications. A new and unique alternative to carpet, tile and wood flooring. Resurfacing and restoring mechanical concrete and terrazzo floors.


Specializing in high-end homes and large industrial applications, Gator Industries has you covered for any type of job!

Our team of installers is very professional and courteous, our fleet of equipment is always clean and presentable and the image that our company portrays in the community is carried right through to your project.

Decorative Concrete
  • Concrete resurfacing and polishing
  • Terrazzo resurfacing and polishing
  • Concrete staining
  • Skim Coats
  • Concrete sealing
  • Metallic epoxy Coatings

Gator decorative concrete is owned and operated by Gator Giles, who for over 30 years has consistently delivered quality services to his customers.  Gator pressure cleaning was founded in 1986 which led to the opening of a painting business 1995.  These two businesses are now under one roof as Gator Pressure Cleaning and Custom Painting.  Gator decorative concrete has inherited the values and workmanship that has earner Gator Pressure Cleaning and Custom Painting their reputation for quality.


We specialize in mechanical concrete and terrazzo resurfacing and polishing.  Unlike some companies, we do not use any waxes, chemical for polishes, or acrylics to achieve a glass like shine on our customers floors.  Our machines use the best diamond-impregnated pads and a several step proven process to smooth any concrete into a mirror-like shine.

We also offer custom concrete staining and stenciling. We can stain any concrete floor along with ceiling or polishing over.  We can design any custom stencils.  We are also experts in concrete coatings like metallic epoxy, litter epoxy, and flake epoxy. These systems are beautiful and extremely durable.

All of our services are backed by a warranty that places the customer first.  Any flaws in workmanship or defects in products will be corrected free of charge every time.